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Paul Reuber

A graduate of the University of Toronto's School of Architecture in 1971, Paul Reuber interned with Irving Grossman Architect where he developed his interest in urban planning and affordable housing.

After travelling the world, Paul established an architectural practice in 1980. Since then. Paul Reuber Incorporated (PRI) has become best known for a variety of non-profit projects designed for residential cooperatives, women in need, post and pre-natal teen-age mothers, people without hearing, survivors of the mental health system, newly arriving immigrants to Canada, people who are physically challenged, and street-people who are the hardest to house. After the dissolution of Ontario's Non-Profit housing program in 1995, PRI went on to design several residential infill projects and entered into joint ventures to design residential accommodation for students in Guelph and in Toronto.

Paul initiated a monthly "Travel Diary" for the Canadian Architect Magazine, for which he became a contributing editor. For over six years. Paul wrote 75 articles exploring the intimate relationship between select buildings and their urban environment. Paul's writings with accompanying sketches and photographs developed a loyal readership of students, architects, developers, educators, and laymen from all over the world.

Paul has always been interested in expanding the public discussion of architectural and urban issues. He has provided seminars to the profession, conducted housing and planning courses at the University of Waterloo, tutored at the University of Toronto, and has been an adjunct professor at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Paul has also presented theoretical projects to stimulate public discussion of controversial urban issues.

OAA, FRAIC: retired member.

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